Is Distance Learning for Life Long Learning as Well

Before considering the relevance of distance learning for life long learning, it is crucial to understand what life long learning means. Life long learning has been defined as a continuum of the learning process that takes place at all levels - formal, non-formal and informal - utilizing various modalities such as distance learning and conventional learning. In other words, it is an ongoing learning process, and occurs throughout one's lifetime. In today's world, where we all need to be a cut above the rest to succeed, it is necessary that our learning never stops. Each of us needs to keep reinventing ourselves for career development. How Distance Learning is Relevant to Lifelong Learning Considering the definition, it becomes clear that distance learning plays a vital role in life long learning.

All professionals and working executives from various fields need to keep honing their skills in order to stay ahead. It might be difficult for many working professionals to take time out to enroll in a course which requires them to be physically present in the lecture. Time constraint is the most important factor here, and hence most people turn towards distance learning for life long learning. Executives find it much easier to take part in an online course, which they can deal with at their own pace and time. Advancing their knowledge is just a click away, as these tech savvy individuals shop for courses online.

What are the Universities Offering It Answering to the call of the times, many universities today offer options in distance learning for lifelong learning. The University of Ulster in the UK has an Institute of Lifelong Learning which launched its virtual campus 'Campus One' and offers flexible online learning opportunities. Courses range from full postgraduate programs, professional development and continuing development courses, to short business focused courses. The Emory University in Atlanta, also has a Center for Lifelong Learning, which offers lifelong learning courses in art, theatre and film, it also conducts classes in basic computing, business productivity, programming and database courses amongst others.

The Emporia State University, Kansas offers online or distance courses in art appreciation, principles of economics, management of counseling programs, telecommunications and networking applications amongst the plethora of courses it has. Distance learning for life long learning is an important medium for transmitting education to adults. In today's busy professional world, enrolling in online courses offered by various universities is the most convenient way to upgrade your knowledge.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered.

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