Divorce Recovery Support Groups

These are just few of the many reasons as to why marriage, as an institution, is held in such high esteem by mankind. It is an institution which has been held sacred throughout history, cutting across linguistic, cultural and religious barriers. End of Marriage It is but natural that the end of such a highly esteemed institution be looked down upon by the society in general. It is also a natural corollary that the end of marriage should affect both the partners, as well as their well wishers, in more ways than one.

In fact the end of marriage, not considering demise of either spouse, can wreck havoc with the emotional and psychological well being of an individual. It can have such far reaching implications that the person may not be able to cope with them on his or her own. Coming to Terms Coming to terms with a divorce can be a difficult experience for any individual. The person may have feelings of loneliness and other insecurities, which may not be easy to handle.

However every such individual will have to, nevertheless, brace himself or herself for the life ahead of him or her. In such circumstances the old circle of friends, well wishers of the person concerned and family member can all pitch in to provide requisite emotional succour. Even small things go a long way.

One merely has to keep the individuals mind away from the sad past. Everyone around the given individual has to understand that he or she is going through immense emotional turmoil. The person is, in all likelihood, facing both fear and extreme anger simultaneously. He or she may be feeling not simply hopelessness but also intense pain of rejection. Such a person has to be dealt with in a gentle manner. All effort should be towards soothing him or her.

One must try to cheer the individual with small talk and avoid getting into any serious discussion regarding the divorce process, until and unless one is confident of being able to help him or her in pouring the heart out on the issue. This may help a great deal as it can destroy the grief and other pent up emotions of the individual concerned by bringing them out in the open. Divorce Support Groups However in given cases, it may not be possible for the individual to find requisite help amongst family and friends.

For such people, caught in a painful episode of their lives, it is advisable that they take part in and help from a divorce support group. A divorce support group comprises of people who have undergone a divorce themselves. Such people are naturally better able to co relate to the various emotions being faced by the divorced individual. They can empathise with him or her better than others. As all these people have themselves gone through the upheavals of a divorce process and the after shocks of the same, they are able to guide other people in how to deal with the emotional consequences and other issues related to divorce.

Generally such groups have a programme for the recently divorced person which may be termed as a breakthrough programme. This or similar programmes are mostly coordinated with the aid of coordinators who are trained in and who specialise in helping people in such situations. In a breakthrough or similar programme the divorced individual is encouraged to let go of all the pent up emotions. He or she is counselled on how to better cope with the situation at hand. The person is generally advised to face the issues instead of running away from them and to adopt an attitude of forget and forgive towards his or her ex spouse.

How to Find a Divorce Support Group Finding such support groups may not be a very difficult thing. One can discuss the issue with his or her family counsellor, who should be in a position to guide one across to such groups. Otherwise a simple search on the internet can throw up names and contacts of several such support groups in one's own area or vicinity. Benefits of Joining a Divorce Support Group There can be several benefits of joining a divorce support group. To begin with one need not suffer alone or in silence.

Such a group can help an individual by providing him or her with the right kind of shoulders to rely upon. Besides this, the person can get experienced advice on how to deal with the issues.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see http://www.quickie-divorce.com

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